We now offer the following specialized programs and classes:

  • Weight Loss

  • Senior Wellness

  • Posture Class

  • Wellness Revolution

  • Spinal Care and Maintenance

  • Maintenance Plans to Fit Your Budget




Quotes from Doctor White

“Our mission is simply to provide every patient with the highest quality care and experience possible. From the moment you enter our office we want you to feel the difference.  We offer the latest cutting edge technologies coupled with well over 20 years of training and experience.  I do not want a single patient ever leaving my office without feeling like they have received the very best that I have to offer”.



“Coos Bay Chiropractic & Wellness Center is dedicated to helping people feel their very best in life.  Our goal is to provide appropriate therapy and self-awareness for each patient as a unique individual.  We realize that different strategies and therapies are necessary for such a personalized treatment plan. Education is a very important part of this process. If we can help you to understand your issues, this moves us a step closer to a lasting solution.”


Dr. Rick White, Clinic Chiropractor

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