How to get 1 hour or exercise in 15 minutes

Accelerated Weight Loss


What if you could get a full hour of exercise, improve strength, balance, coordination and endurance in just 15 minutes a day?  What if you could also increase bone mass, decrease your cortisol levels and start to regain the body you used to have in just a few months?  It’s true, exercising just 15 minutes a day on a vibration platform can help you to achieve all of these things and more.  This amazing technology was developed originally for astronauts to help with reversing the bone loss associated with prolonged weightlessness.  The cool thing is, if it works for them it can work for you.  Over the last 20 years these machines have become available to everyone and, great news, we have two of them right here at Coos Bay Chiropractic and Wellness Center!


One of the most amazing benefits is the concept of accelerated exercise.  By recruiting and stimulating more muscle fibers to fire simultaneously while preforming basic exercises far more work is done in a short period of time.  Patients are often amazed at how they feel the next day.  This thing is deceptively effective at giving you a solid workout with little perceived exertion.  Also workouts can easily be custom tailored to fit individual needs.  Whether you’re an elite athlete or more in the geriatric range, we will help create a routine just for you.


In addition to the benefits listed above studies have also shown that vibration training increases growth hormone.  Growth hormone stimulates the growth of muscle tissue, reduces aft cell

A picture of In-House equipment
A picture of In-House equipment

size, increases bone density, immune function and circulation.  These effects continue for several hours after the exercise session.  Studies have shown that whole body vibration exercise can

increase growth hormone as much as 464%!



Most of us have heard about Cortisol otherwise known as the stress hormone.  Prolonged increases in cortisol lead to muscle and bone loss, increased fat storage, disruption of sleep patterns, impairment of memory and learning, suppresses immune function and it can even cause damage to your major organs.  Vibration exercise has been shown to decrease cortisol levels by up to 32%!


Other studies have shown that vibration exercise can offer significant positive effects on various neurological disorders, bone density, scoliosis, strength, endurance, posture and more.  The bottom line, you need to checkout this very cool technology today.  It could be life changing.