Dieting can kill you!

This Article was sent to me by my friend Jim Valko, its really interesting just how little known to people this fact is.

Many people believe the key to healthy weight loss is A specific workout, or a daily calorie intake, however the truth may surprise you. While those variables play small roles the main factor that continues to show results is a constant and active regimen of healthy Detoxification, eating, and activity habits.

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The endless Cycle of Dieting

*This Cycle of dropping and adding diets can be detrimental to our bodily health and function


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“Doctor’s Little Known Health Secrets

That could save your life!

Study: Weight loss may be harmful to your health

(If you don’t do it correctly.)



We live in a chemical world in which our bodies are bombarded by toxic pollutants from the food we eat, cosmetic products and the air we breathe.
But what happens to these toxins when they enter your body?
Some toxins are released by means of the body’s natural detoxifying system. The liver, small intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin work to detoxify your body daily. However, your body was not designed to handle the onslaught of toxins it is bombarded with in today’s world. Some toxins can get into your major organs and cause disease. However, the body does have a protection mechanism that can prevent this from happening.
The body protects itself from harmful toxins by trapping them in the body’s fat cells. This is good news and bad. The good news is, since the toxins are trapped they aren’t roaming your body causing havoc. The bad news is, the toxins cause your fat cells to expand, making you overweight.
The toxicity/fat connection is known by many. What isn’t as well known is that the act of dieting
can make you more toxic!
A study published in The International Journal of Obesity1 found that when you diet, toxic pollutants stored in your fat cells release themselves into the bloodstream as the fat dissipates. These toxic pollutants are linked to many diseases including Rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension and diabetes.
We already know that excess fat contributes to 20 different diseases, but now science has found if you diet you also increase our chances of disease! So, if being overweight is dangerous, but dieting is also dangerous, what do you do? On the surface, it looks like a, “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” scenario.
But not so fast. There is a way to lose weight without putting yourself in an unhealthy situation. The safe and healthy way to lose weight is do a Fat Reduction Cleanse (FDC).
A Fat Reduction Cleanse takes weight off, while, at the same time, cleansing the body of the toxins. Not only is this the safe and healthy way to lose weight, it leads to more permanent weight loss.
With dieting, the act of reducing fat releases toxins in your body. With a Fat Reduction Cleanse, fat is reduced but the toxins are “mopped up” and cleansed out of your body so that they don’t
cause damage and illness, as well as don’t get reabsorbed into your fat cells to make you fat again.
It works like this: When toxic pollutants enter your system, your body stores them in your fat cells to protect your major organs from them. These toxins then cause your fat cells to grow and expand, thus you gain weight. When you diet, your fat cells shrink and leak the stored toxins into your bloodstream. Not only can these toxins create disease, they can also eventually get reabsorbed back into your fat cells causing them once again to expand—which means you gain the weight back, often in spades!
When you do a Fat Reduction Cleanse your fat cells shrink and you cleanse the toxins out of your body so that they don’t make you sick and get reabsorbed back into the fat cells. This leads to more permanent weight loss!
There are many weight loss methods on the market. Few of them reduce fat while also cleansing the body of the residual toxins. You must do both to have healthy, permanent weight loss.
Ask the health professional that gave you this information for the best way to do a Fat Reduction Cleanse.”
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