Rick White DC has experience treating thousands of patients with a variety of different injuries, aches and pains, here’s what just a few of them have to say….




Google Reviews Review

“Despite being in the healthcare industry myself, it is infrequent that I come across a provider with genuine concern and care for the clients he serves. “Doc White” does. From the first time that you walk into his office, you are greeted by staff who extend themselves and put you at ease. Doc takes the time to listen to your concerns and adjusts his approach to create the best in person centered care. He will often take extra time when his attempts to intervene are less than effective and continues to make sure to always reassess your comfort level along the way. His education and support are priceless in a world that has created a disconnect with most “professionals” who show a lack of patience and interest with healthcare recipients!”
-Nanaymie G.


Yelp Review

“Dr Rick White is the only chiropractor I trust, he is excellent!!! In fact I drove all the way from Albany to Coos Bay almost 3 hours because I know he can…”
-Chrissy B.


Yelp Reviews

“I am a licensed massage therapist that has been practicing in Oregon since 2007. I was fortunate to work with Dr. Rick White, who I can honestly say is a compassionate, knowledgeable and highly competent clinician. I will be starting the Chiropractic program at Western States University this fall. Dr. White was one of my major inspirations for continuing my education in physical medicine. In both my personal and professional life I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of talented working professionals of a multitude of modalities and Dr. White’s trusted hands are of the utmost quality. If you are looking for a chiropractor that cares about helping you to live a fuller life with a reduction of pain and discomfort, then I can give no better recommendation! Dr. White will provide you with years of knowledge and experience, a compassionate heart, and open ears. Eugene’s loss is Coos Bays gain! “
Mike Jackson, L.M.T.


Yelp Reviews

“Dr. White has provided me with an alternative therapy for the restless leg syndrome and cramping in my lower legs. He treated me with Laser therapy and I had immediate results from the first treatment. After 3 or 4 treatments, I am very comfortable. Especially at night when the pain is the worst. The really great thing is that the treatment has no side effects and length of treatment is dependent on the resolution of your pain. Pain relief without the use of narcotics, or other medications is a really great thing. If you have neuropathy from diabetes or restless legs,… Give this a try… you will not be disappointed!!”
-Fred S.


Facebook Reviews
“This guy has literally made my life come back. I have been diagnosed with a few things and some may be in my head but he helps that too. I was able to go on a vacation pain free and come home to crazy and am still going. Massages, SO WORTH IT! Crack-a-lack for a better term of adjustment. BRING IT ON! THE STAFF IS AMAZING. THE BEST BY FAR IN COOS COUNTY!”
-Sandy H.


Personal Letter

“I was just passing through the area and had a bout of severe low back pain.  I could barely move.  I am a life time chiropractic patient and I could not believe that Doctor White spent so much time and took such good care of me.  The whole experience was amazing.  Super nice office, excellent, friendly staff, super modern and very cool equipment and an amazing adjustment!!!  I felt amazing for the rest of my trip and I still feel great since returning home.  Thank you Doctor White.  I wish you were in my town.”

James M.  Seattle, WA


Google Reviews

“Doc White is a very talented chiropractor! He treated me with extreme attention to detail. My treatment plan was designed with my special circumstances and needs in mind. I haven’t felt better in years!!! Doc White really helped me get back on track!”
-Surf A.



Yelp Reviews

“I recently suffered a work place injury and was in a lot of discomfort and pain. I’m very pleased with the progress I’ve made with Dr. White’s adjustments, which are excellent. His office is well appointed and his staff are friendly and professional. I highly recommend Dr. White as a chiropractor for his knowledge, experience, friendly demeanor and effective adjustments.”
-Brad H.



Facebook Reviews

“I was referred here by a friend, and so glad for it. Excellent customer service, beautiful office, great equipment and personable staff. They worked me in as a new patient same day I called, complete lifesavers!”

-Emily G.



Facebook Reviews

“I had never been to a chiropractor before Oct 2015. I was hit by a car and had some injuries. Before that accident I suffered from chronic migraines, and I had pain in my wrist after 2 carpal tunnel surgeries. I went in not expecting much of a difference. I now have no pain in my wrist and can lift 30 lb weights every day. I have only had a handful of migraines and when I do have them I go in a doc makes them disappear. I still have some neck pain but I am not in my bed anymore. I haven’t been this happy in 6 years. I’m grateful for the car accident, because it brought me to Doc White. The place is welcoming, calm , and has a friendly staff. Always friendly and understanding.”
-Analiah G.



Yelp Reviews

“I was previously married to a fantastic Chiropractor who is still in practice in Portland. I now live at the southern Oregon Coast in North Bend next to Coos Bay. I spontaneously walked in to Dr White’s Office to see if I could ask him some questions about his Practice. He took the time about five minutes later, in his busy schedule, to speak to me at length. He attended Western States Chiropractic College in Portland – same as my former husband. That was the first good news. After a great conversation and confidence building answers to my questions, I got adjusted. OMG – fantastic practitioner. I have seen Dr White several times since and each experience has been a great one. He is also in constant research mode to find more modalities that might help his patients. His laser treatments for my foot problems have really helped. P.S. If you have never been adjusted by a Chiropractor before, but feel you might be helped by one – SEE DR WHITE. You will feel relaxed, trusting, and informed about your experience.”

-Mary K.



 Facebook Reviews
“I have great experiences here with Doc White and his expertise and the caring staff. The state of the art equipment is amazing and it is a very comfortable office with a fun atmosphere!”
-Kris O.



“Dr. Rick White is a great chiropractor!  I recently had an injury and was eager to find help. His adjustments are excellent and he has several different ways to work on a problem area — each one being unique and effective.”

-Brad H.


Google Reviews
“Great Place! I was on vacation and needed an adjustment. Was able to be seen right away. I have been going to chiropractors for years and wish I had someone like Dr. White in my town. I would recommend them to anyone.”

-Ryan J.


Facebook Reviews
“Can’t say enough great things about Doc & his staff. Very grateful for your excellent care in treating my pain & teaching me how to improve my mobility. Thank you!!!!”
-Erin R.