What to expect from Auto Injury Specialists

What to Expect with Treatment of Your Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries at CBC&WC



Does Your Doctor Have a Solid Treatment Plan for You?

When considering a chiropractor; the first thing to determine is the level of knowledge, experience, and training your chiropractor has treating motor vehicle injuries.  How many patients like you have they treated?  What advanced training have they done?  How well is the office equipped and what are their treatment options?  Do they utilize the latest treatment technologies or does it seem a little like hocus pocus?  Do they utilize EHR (Electronic Health Records) software or do they still use paper notes and cryptic half filled out forms?  Is the office well maintained or a little creepy around the edges?  Does this doctor take obvious pride in their clinic?  Does this doctor have experience in the court room and dealing with other doctors and attorneys?  Will they represent your best interests well if the need arises?  Can they apply the highest level of care utilizing the latest technologies?  Do they have a rehabilitative exercise area in the clinic and the experience to guide you throughout your entire treatment?  Most importantly is, do they have a plan for you that incorporates all of the above considerations?  Trust me, when it comes to your body, your health, your spine, you need to choose wisely.

On your First Visit at CBC&WC

Being seen promptly after an accident is very important.  Often however people may not be aware of the seriousness of their injuries for several weeks.  Regardless schedule your appointment as soon as you can.  When you arrive your doctor will go over your paperwork with you and discuss your accident and your symptoms in detail.  At this stage he will determine if you should receive x-rays or other imaging such as a CT scan or MRI.  Next he will perform a thorough orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic exam to help determine the extent of your injuries. He will then explain his findings and discuss treatment options.  Treatment will typically begin on the first day.  Your doctor also will document the extent of your injuries and treatment performed using the latest EHR (Electronic Healthcare Recording) software.  It is critical that this is done properly.  Should you ever have to go into litigation you’ll want the best record and a doctor with the most experience at your side.


First do no harm

During the first several hours after an injury, fluid begins to creep into in the soft tissues and spaces around the muscles and joints. This is the first stage of your bodies inflammatory response.  Tissues begin to swell. During this time, to prevent further damage, it is often wise to restrict movement and activities. The use of a soft cervical collar for a couple of days is sometimes necessary. The use of ice is often very helpful to decrease further tissue damage and decrease swelling. Ask your chiropractor about how long you should continue using ice.


In the Office

In the office your chiropractor may also utilize various electrical modalities such as TENS or interferential current to decrease muscle spasm and inflammation.  Super pulsed cold laser therapy (ad link to video) is a state of the art therapy used by virtually every major sports team on their athletes to help speed the rate of healing from injuries to muscles, ligaments and even fractures.  We will use these very same amazing lasers on you. Of course gentle chiropractic adjusting techniques are used to keep the area of the injury mobile, enhancing the healing process, decreasing joint restrictions and helping you to heal more effectively with fewer long term Sequella.  Often massage and trigger point therapy is employed to enhance healing and decrease pain.

Getting Back to Normal

Rehabilitative exercises are dependent upon the patients’ tolerance and should be monitored closely for any adverse responses.  With other programs patients are often placed into these regimens too early, leading to greater injury and a longer recovery time.

At CBC&WC, when your pain has subsided and the inflammation is gone we will help get you strong, flexible and active again.  We typically utilize a combination of guided activities in our rehab area and some simple but ingenious low tech devices and activities the patient can utilize at home.